Prenatal Doula

Preparing for your child's birth and making sure that As your prenatal doula I assist you and your family with preparing for the birth of your child. During our prenatal visits In the weeks just before you welcome your new baby to the world I will be there to discuss your desires, prepare you for delivery and resolve any questions or concerns you may have before giving birth. My prenatal doula services include a Free Consultation where I will meet with you brith education classes\ Free Consultation (includes coffee & mini donuts for those local to me!) Prenatal visit: One visit (in person or skype) to discuss your desires and childbirth preparation and to discuss any unresolved questions or concerns before delivery (usually between 32-36 weeks gestation) OR I can attend an office visit to your provider with you Assistance in developing a birth plan you can share with your birth team Assistance in developing a postpartum plan (i.e. breastfeeding resources, meal planning, home organization) Unlimited phone, email, & text support as needed during pregnancy and for two weeks postpartum Online access to private Dayspring Doula/Fargo Childbirth resource documents & mp3s.

San Diego Doula Services and Prenatal Education

Prenatal Education

Text About prenatal education, childbirth, what to expect, etc
Birth Doula

assist you with childbirt, getting prepared, delivery hospital stay, feeding
Postpartum Doula

followup visits assistance help with taking care of baby